©2019 by Ruri Matsumura.

--- Works ---

Conga La Girl by Ruri

▶︎All vocals, keyboards, songwriting, lyricwriting, arranging, producing
except; recording, mixing&mastering: Yu Sasaki

Available on Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes
Release: July 10, 2018

 Problems by The Get Up Kids

▶︎Lyric translation (Japanese)
1. Satellite
2. The Problem Is Me
3. Salina
4. Now Or Never
5. Lou Barlow
6. Fairweather Friends
7. Common Ground
8. Waking Up Alone
9. The Advocate
10. Symphony Of Silence
11. Brakelines  
12. Your Ghost Is Gone

May 2019


冨木医療器 (2018)
ネッツ石川 【産業展示館】


THE DAYS by Yuma Hara

M1. 54 Days feat. Ruri
M2. Be Free feat. Monique Dehaney
M7. Miss The Days feat. Ruri
M9. Angel feat. tea
M10. Change feat. Ruri

▶︎Lead vocal
M1, M7, M10

▶︎Background vocals

M1, M2, M7, M9, M10


 Heavy Lifter by Hovvdy

▶︎Lyric translation (Japanese)
M1. 1999
M2. Mr. Lee   
M3. So Brite  
M4. Cathedral    
M5. Lifted  
M6. feel tall 
M7. TellmeI'masinger    
M8. Ruin (my ride)   
M9. Tools   
M10. Watergun   
M11. Pixie  
M12. Keep It Up   
M13. Sudbury 

October 2019


Pilgrim. by MELRAW

M5. Fall feat. Ai Ninomiya

M11. The Way Out feat. Sara Yoshida (from Mononkul)


 Trophy by Kate Davis

▶︎Lyric translation
​ (Japanese)
M1. Daisy
M2. Open Heart
M3. Burning Accidents
M4. Dirty Teenager
M5. Animals
M6. Cloud
M7. I Like Myself
M8. Did You Love Somebody    
M9. Salome
M10. rbbts
M11. St Joseph
M12. Trophy

November 2019