SSW Producer

That's what I define myself.

The truth is
I am just a human
but a woman that


who sings

and rhymes

who once
went blind

but plays the keys

and swipes the machines

translates languages
to tell their stories

who feels the love

and believes from heart

that I arrange music
and produce her for the best.

Never anywhere down or the rest

I pour you the waves
so find me in maze.

Don't you ever try me to fail me
'Cause I won't ever rail thee.

When we just all need is love
I'll just collect the seeds and lull.

Me is
©Ruri Matsumura

written on
Tokyo, Japan


2016 -      Brooklyn, New York
2018 -      Tokyo


 <Songwriter: lyricwriting and more>
   Fall feat. Ai Ninomiya/MELRAW
   The Way Out feat. Sara Yoshida (from Mononkul)/MELRAW
   54 Days (feat. Ruri)/Yuma Hara
   Be Free (feat. Monique Dehaney)/Yuma Hara
   Miss The Days (feat. Ruri)/Yuma Hara
   Angel (feat. tea)/Yuma Hara
   Change (feat. Ruri)/Yuma Hara

   Kaze no koe feat. Ruri Matsumura/Iris [Cytus II]

   I'm coming home /AI

   round'bout feat. Ruri Matsumura/Kazuki Isogai

 <Arranger: Songwriting and more.>
 2018 Conga La Girl/Ruri Matsumura
 2020 SWIPE (feat.Shingo Suzuki)/Ruri Matsumura

【Live shows】

 2018 Mononkul(chorus support) *1

 2019 Chara(chorus support) *3




 New York, The Bitter End
  12.31 Shibuya Womb *2

        Front Act for Blackboboi, Utena Kobayashi, & more.


  02.12 Ikebukuro Absolute Blue
        w/ Yu Watanabe (vo), Lyn Inaizumi(vo)
  04.09 Nakameguro Rakuya

       w/ Aimi Mukohara(vo), Sara Yoshida(from Mononkul)(vo)

  05.01 Shimokitazawa RPM
        Ruri Matsumura w/ 45 trio
  05.19 Nakameguro Rakuya
         Azumi Takahashi, JUDY.

  07.21 Sangenjaya Yoncha

         ACT for KNTC, FORT, ermhoi and more.

  07.23 World Kitchen BAOBAB
         Front Act for MARTER

  08.01 Yokohama Paradise Cafe
         Azumi Takahashi(vo), JUDY.(vo)

         supported by Chizuru Segawa(Gt.) and Ai Otani(Key.)

  09.07 Ikebukuro Absolute Blue
         featured by Radical Soul:
         Yuma Hara(Gt.), Hitoshi Yaka(sax.), Takuma Ohta(key.)   

         Ryoichi Uehara(Ds.), Sota Morimitsu(Ba.)

  09.25 Ebisu BATICA

         Act for Takashi Nakatsuka(band)

  11.19 Roppongi Ark Hills Cafe

         tea(vo) & Ruri

  12.23 Minami Senba (Osaka) THE GOOD THING
         Azumi Takahashi(vo), JUDY.(vo)

         supported by HISA(Gt.)


  05.24 Tokyo Jazz Fes 2020: Tokyo Jazz plus+ Live stream

         Ruri Matsumura feat.ovall *4

*1: Web.
*2: Web.
*3: web.

*4: Video.

©2020 Ruri Matsumura