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SWIPE feat. Shingo Suzuki

(Tokyo Jazz Plus+ 2020 )

​Been Thinkin' feat. BEN LEVY

Round'bout feat. Kazuki Isogai

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Ruri Matsumura is a singer songwriter, based in Tokyo.
She first began to start her career as a lyricist, songwriter, topliner

for Yuma Hara, MELRAW and many other artists and producers.
It was 2020 though that she had been first exposed as a songwriter
in the Japanese pop music scene
for the song called "I'm comimg home" performed by AI.

Alongside, one of her work through #origamiHomesessions
"SWIPE feat. Shingo Suzuki" got mass attentions

which led her to perform on the stage of Tokyo Jazz Fes 2020 (Tokyo Jazz plus+) with Ovall.

   ・Conga La Girl
   ・Fall feat. Ai Ninomiya by MELRAW
   ・The Way Out feat. Sara Yoshida from Mononkul

   ・54 Days feat. Ruri  by Yuma Hara
   ・Be Free feat. Monique Dehaney by Yuma Hara
   ・Miss The Days feat. Ruri by Yuma Hara
   ・Angel feat. tea by Yuma Hara
   ・Change feat. Ruri by Yuma Hara

   ・Kaze no koe feat. Ruri Matsumura by Iris [Cytus II]


   ・I'm coming home 『僕らを待つ場所』by AI

   ・round'bout feat. Ruri Matsumura by Kazuki Isogai

   ・March by Noriaki Hosoya

   ・SWIPE feat. Shingo Suzuki

   ・SWIPE Ruri Matsumura feat. Ovall [TOKYO JAZZ Plus+]
   ・Been Thinkin' feat. BEN LEVY


   ・『Prayer』by Kanatsu (album)

         lyricwriting (M3 cowritten, M5, M7, M8, M9), songwriting&composition (M5, M7, M8, M9)

         arrangement (M5, M8, M9) , vocal writing (M5, M8, M9)

         background vocals (M5, M8, M9)

        M3. Tomodachi no teigi

        M5. Hu man

        M7. Mother home

        M8. Call my name

        M9. Change

   ・『Reality』by YUMA HARA (album)
         lyricwriting, songwriting

         background vocals (M2, M4, M6, M8)
         vocal direction (M8)

        M2. City Life (feat. Joy T),
        M4. The Way Back (feat. Ruri Matsumura)
        M6. Be Free (T-Groove Remix)
        M8. Light In Our Days (feat. Azumi Takahashi, JUDY, Ruri Matsumura)
        M11. You Are (feat. Hana Spring) 


   ・thinkinboutu (feat. Ruri Matsumura, Kanno So) by Nezumi Coo 
   ・Hypnotics by NO BRAINER HEADS